What is the form of arbitration agreement ?

11/03/2016 17:52

According to Article 16.2 of Law on Commercial Arbitration, an arbitration agreement must be in writing, the following forms of agreement shall also be deemed to constitute a written arbitration agreement:

a) An agreement established via an exchange between the parties by telegram, facsimile, telex, email or other form prescribed by law;

b) An agreement established via the exchange of written information between parties;

c) An agreement prepared in writing by a lawyer, notary or competent organization at the request of the parties;

d) Reference by the parties during the course of a transaction to a document such as a contract, source document, company charter or other similar documents which contain an arbitration agreement

e) Exchange of a statement of claim and defense which express the existence of an agreement proposed by one party and not denied by the other party.

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